Changsha star tree development is a big family,one member have problem,every member support

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On May 24, 2018, Changsha Star Tree organized an donation activity for one star tree family member family member---Xia,Huang,who works in company's quality control department. Xia,Huang’s old mother have mental disease,two children are still very young,his wife take care of kids and not able to work outside.So,all family burden is on Xia,Huang’s shoulder. On May 21, 2018, Xia,Huang’s youngest son got a serious mouth-foot-hand disease, an expensive hospital treatment fee was needed,which is a big cost for this poor family. Once ST-LED Light’s member knows this news,they begin to organize this donation activity immediately and together with company leader,director XU to lead this donation. During this activity, every department,every member support strongly and donated a total amount of about RMB27770.00 which was sent to hospital directly. Xia,Huang’s son return to health soon after a good treatment.